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What… is "Growing the Family of Faith" all about?


Our church is in the process of finalizing the plans for our new building that will house our children and youth ministries in approximately the middle of our property at D St. It will have 4 classrooms that will be available for classes as well as meeting places for the various ministries, small groups and other programs that we currently struggle to house due to our limited space here at D St. In addition to the new building, if funds permit, we are trying to plan for the addition of a lobby to the current sanctuary which would allow for the expansion of seating in the sanctuary as well as a better meet and greet area. As a church, we have all been working to raise the funds for this expansion for over 7 years, 2020 is the year we will see that work come to fruition. Thanks to all those giving their time and finances to help us grow God's church.

Why… is "Growing the Family of Faith" necessary?


You might ask, 'why we are doing this?' The answer is simple. We believe God has given us a vision for Fillmore and beyond that cannot be achieved with the limits of our current building, which was built to handle about 100 people. We are way beyond that! Of course, it is never easy to leave one level of church growth and go to the next. Sacrifice, hard work, and lots of prayer are needed. It demands that we get up out of our comfort zone and press ahead. However we want future generations of FCC attenders to thank us for the foresight we had to step out in faith, to plan, pray and build. So both now and later, we will be able to invite more people to worship, equip more children and adults, and reach more people for Jesus Christ.

One final thought: spiritual growth happens when we let God stretch us! Let's Grow the Family of Faith

How… will "Growing the Family of Faith" be accomplished?


How will we do this project? First of all, by praying. By making sure we're on track with our God, our Great Provider and Leader of our vision. "The Lord Almighty is with us!" Ps 46:7 there is no substitute for prayer, fasting and seeking God's blessing and power. Secondly, our Elders have chosen and assigned our Property Development Team to carefully strategize a complete Master Plan for our entire property. In phases, this plan helps us meet the needs of our worship, children, recovery ministries, Preschool, etc. Thirdly, we are communicating the vision, the needs and the plan to the people. Over and over again, we are reporting to them, praying with them, inspiring and encouraging them. We also hope to be including them in as many of the fundraising and work phases as possible. Since we're growing the family of faith, it should be a family effort! This includes messages, interviews and testimonies from September 2011 up until December 2011, when we will have a great ingathering, and decide on how much of a loan, if any, is needed. No bank is involved- our funding comes from our denomination, the Evangelical Free Church of America. They are carefully helping us to calculate how much of a load our budget can bear. These godly people are tremendous at their work- they haven't lost one church to debt in over 40 years of helping E V Free churches expand!



We need you to email, text, call, or write out your questions on a white card at church. The Building Campaign is answering them on a weekly basis at church until the project is complete.  Please let us know what your concerns are, or if you have some helpful ideas!

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