We are open for in person services. Please read below for the FCC COVID Safety Guidelines


Dear FCC Family,

Sunday, June 21st, we will be reopening for our 10:00am service. We are so pleased to finally be together again for Worship and Fellowship in person!


We have been working hard to assure you have a safe place to come.  We have been given certain compliance guidelines by the CDC and Venture County that we must comply with to open.  Our insurance is also asking us to pay careful attention to the details of these guidelines to protect all of us to assure your safety on church grounds.


We have been asked to draw up FCC COVID Safety guidelines in accordance with the guidelines given and have been asked that we inform the congregation of these guidelines and what will be expected of you when you come to church.

Below are the guidelines the FCC COVID Safety Team has drawn up:

General Procedures for Congregants:

  1. Before arrival at church, wash hands, use the restroom, self-screen for symptoms and/or temperature.  Bring essential items such as a clean face mask, Bible, pen, paper, and water.  If you have symptoms or fever is present, please stay home to get well.

  2. Arrive and leave in a single group to minimize cross flow of people.

  3. Park at least 6 feet away from other cars.  (every other parking spot will be blocked off).

  4. Line up 6 feet apart along the main entrance double doors of the church (look for signs on the ground to help with distancing).

  5. Read the COVID symptoms list either on the entry door or clip board if someone approaches you with the list to verify you or your group are symptom free.

  6. A COVID Safety Team member will offer you hand sanitizer as you approach the door.  Rub you hands for a least 20 seconds.  (Next month we will have Automatic Sanitizer stations).

  7. Have temperature taken at door (if a congregant/visitor has a fever or symptoms they will be asked to get well at home).

  8. Face masks will be offered to those without them.  Children 2 years and under are not required to use face coverings.

  9. Pre-packaged communion elements will be placed on a table by the wall next to the entry doors for pickup before seating on communion days.

  10. The usher will direct family members to the seating area following the directional arrows on the floor.

  11. Family members will be seated together and spaced 6 feet apart from other groups.

  12. Children are to remain with their family members during service.  (Children's materials will be available on the table by the line for pickup prior to entry.)

  13. Reminders of safety procedures will be announced during service.

  14. Congregants may sing with face coverings on although it is not encouraged by local guidelines.

  15. Dismissal will occur one row at a time starting at the back of the church and following the directional arrows out the single back doors on either side of the church entrance.

  16. An offering bag will be available at the exit doors.

Closing Notes:


Restrooms- 1 person or family are allowed in the restroom at one time.  Please see the restroom attendant and wait outside the restroom a safe distance from the door until it is available.  Wash hands before and after using the toilet and wipe sink counter after use.  Hand sanitizer is available.

Visiting- Please always maintain 6-food distance and try to avoid visiting by entrances and exits.  Replace hugging, handshakes, and elbow/fist bumps with a wave greeting.

Children- The play areas will be closed for child safety.  Children should remain in the care of those in their household.

Service times- consider choosing the same service time each week for limited exposure.

Congregants over 65 or with at-risk health issues-  If you are not comfortable about coming to Church yet, live services available at 9:00am on Facebook and recorded services  on YouTube at 10:30am.

We know that this is a long list of things to remember so we have made a video that will guide you through the COVID Safety guideline systems we have drawn up.  It is available for your viewing on the FCCFILLMORE YouTube channel during our Monday 12 at 12 Devotion video, on our Facebook page and our website,  For further information see the website.  It has a wealth of information that our FCC COVID Safety guidelines are based on.
Please contact the church office (805-524-5564) if you have any questions or concerns about our FCC COVID Safety Guidelines.  Please come to the 10:00am service early. We want our first day back to church to go smoothly so we can get you seated as soon as possible.  We are limited at 25% of capacity so we can only allow 87 in the building per service.  Overflow seating will be available on the walkway by the double doors. 

Looking forward to our Worship time together!

Loni Larson & the COVID Safety Team


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